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Dr. Dick

It's Ok. Really. It's all in the name of science.

Dance Rehearsal

A young couple practice their dance routine

Sis-in-law Incentives

Jenny and Alex find ways to incentivize each other.

Bad Luck

High School Seniors Ben and Geri are powerfully attracted to each other. Fittingly, they met in their first-period Chemistry class. For weeks they have been playfully teasing each other: first with a glance, then with a gesture, finally with subtle touches and verbal double entendres that would make an erotic novelist blush. Their mutual passion has grown into a volcano about to erupt. Today is the day. During their lunch hour they find an empty classroom in which to consummate their lingering lust. But will they get lucky? Or will they be denied the release that their bodies have craved for so long?

Having Fun On The Subway

A young girl discovers the meaning of the Japanese word "chikan".

The Ultimate Massage

A young man receives the ultimate massage.

Halloween Strip

Halloween parties don't get any better than this one.

Mary XXXmas

This is a cute little story about an office assistant Mary, the boss and three other employees. The story starts with Mary standing on a chair, falling and the boss coming to the rescue. Mary makes some spiked egg nog and they all start drinking. Helga is not from the USA so they explain to her the custom of kissing while under mistletoe. And the party starts with Mary and Helga kissing the boss, Ron and Paul. The boss rubs Mary’s feet. Ron cuddles with Helga and Paul becomes a servant to both Mary and Helga. Mary turns out to be a virgin and everyone helps her change that.

The New Swimsuit

Kari, honeymooning in Hawaii, is afraid her husband is disappointed by her small breasts. He says he loves them. She can find out what he really thinks, if only she has the nerve... 

Summer Condo

Friends get together for their annual vacation

While Steven's Asleep

Randi offers to share her boyfriend with her roommates.

The Interview

A model agent interviews some college girls.

A Day At School

This story takes place at a private school where Sex Education classes are taught in an interesting fashion.

The Beach House

A young couple find making love outside is very exciting.

The Proper Rules For Strip Poker

A young man, his girlfriend and her sister play strip poker according to the proper rules.

Island Castaways

A trip to an island resort is cut short.

A Little Help From My Little Sister

Jenny likes everything about her boyfriend except his ...

A Chance To Advance

Childhood sweethearts marry and after college the husband gets his dream job. He is soon offered a big promotion and a huge increase in salary. But there is a catch. His beautiful young wife must get involved.

The Twelve Nights of Xmas

The greatest Xmas gift ever.

Road Trip

Breaking up the boredom of a cross-country drive

The Accidental Nudist Cabin

A weekend outing goes awry for three couples.

A Day In The Caribbean

Anne dreams about her upcoming vacation. Her dream takes place at a resort located on a clothing optional beach in the Caribbean. She has a personal butler assigned who is physically deformed. While walking on the beach they find an injured elf......

A Little Prompting

Freddie has developed computer software that assists actors in learning and living their lines.

Truth or Dare

Four young adults are sitting around a pool playing Truth or Dare. Two of the players are sexually active while the other two are naive virgins. They go in turn around the table with you, the reader, deciding whether they have to tell a truth or take a dare.

A Very Private Club

Danny goes to his club's private beach resort where he meets a family of three sisters.

A Different Kind of Order

A novice nun learns what she will have to give up.

Tennis Anyone

This school's discipline is tight.

Stiff Competition

The gymnastics team of a small private school goes off for a weekend competition.

Secrets Of Our Old House

Allison and her daughter supervise the renovations of their country home.

The Doctor Is In

The doctor is treating a young girl for a very rare ailment. The treatment may be worse than the ailment for the young naive girl.

Party Time

The Pirates of Sigma Epsilon Xi fraternity invite the Tau Iota Tau sorority sisters to a costume party at the Sigma Epsilon Xi house.


Albert is the son of a wealthy businessman and lives in a nice home of 16 rooms. They have a cook, butler and a rather plain maid. At a yard sale, Albert buys an old box containing a stack of CD's. After returning home he finds one of them has an interesting computer program on it. It enables him to change a person's moods and features. He improves the maid's breasts but does he get her thanks?

A Day At The Pool

Caitlin and Dani Ford are sisters being home schooled at the Ford estate. Caitlin invites three friends, Elizabeth, Farley and Gary, over for a swim in her pool. Caitlin and Farley team up as does Dani and Gary. Elizabeth goes exploring and finds the butler and the nanny. They give her some pointers on what boys like....

A Day In The Park

Carie and Danny are walking in a park on their way to the lake to find Allison and Ben, Danny's older brother. Danny sees them up ahead sitting on a park bench kissing. Carie and Danny hide and watch. Carie doesn't have her glasses so Danny describes in detail the actions of Allison and Ben. In some cases Carie and Danny practice the actions of Allison and Ben......