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Hobson's Choice

John Hobson has always valued his solitude. But when four college cheerleaders have a crash near his cabin, Hobson finds himself in a unique situation. Eager to show their gratitude for his help, the cheerleaders give Hobson a time he'll never forget. Revised 21 May 2016

Pool Payments

Alex's backyard pool has become a great summer time hangout for neighbors but when a surprising pool-use 'payment plan' is negotiated by one of his wife's good friends, Alex cannot believe his good fortune. Things get even wilder as other sun-bathing neighbors want to work out their own payments to Alex to use his pool. Find out how the crazy summer ends! Published 28 February 2016

Party Time completly revised 25 January 2016

The Pirates of Sigma Epsilon Xi fraternity invite the Tau Iota Tau sorority sisters to a costume party at the Sigma Epsilon Xi house. The sorority sisters are looking for action, and decide to wear costumes that are, to say the least, risque. Their costumes cover very little, and expose just about everything. Sister Angelica lives at the frat house - her job is to keep the boys in line. In spite of her presence, it doesn't take long before Alice and Andrew tour the frat house to watch their friends as they split into groups of two, three and four for sexual games. Some are playing Truth or Dare, and some are skinny dipping in the swimming pool. How far will the sorority sorority sisters go to have some party fun? What secret does Sister Angelica keep? Will Alice keep her virginity? Or give it to Andrew? Will the party be a dud? Or one for the ages?

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Albert is the son of a wealthy businessman and lives in a nice home of 16 rooms. They have a cook, butler and a rather plain maid. At a yard sale, Albert buys an old box containing a stack of CD's. After returning home he finds one of them has an interesting computer program on it. It enables him to change a person's moods and features. He improves the maid's breasts but does he get her thanks? Revised 13 November 2015

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Comforting My Neighbor's Daughter

Chris's fantasizing and dreams about his neighbor's daughter shockingly come true as Cindy, an eighteen year-old with boy troubles and very little experience, ends up on his doorstep one evening after a party gone wrong. Cindy needs to know how it feels to be treated right by an experienced man and Chris is all too willing to help. When Cindy's mom shows an interest in Chris too, things get complicated. Will Chris be able enjoy his eighteen year-old neighbor while dealing with her mother?s advances? Published 4 November 2015

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The Seven Year Bitch

Mark's life after divorce is not going well. He's been relegated to living in a small apartment and eating lousy food. Even worse, he's horny. Desperate, Mark browses an online dating site and finds the love of his life, Simone, who had dumped him seven years earlier. Besides getting dumped by Simone, Mark's big regret is that they never made love. Mark manages to get a date with Simone using an alias, even arranging to meet her at a restaurant where they used to go. Strangely, even though Mark's appearance is quite different than it was seven years ago, Simone doesn't seem to recognize him. She talks about how she has been divorced twice, and invites Mark to her penthouse. The thought of the chance of finally getting to see Simone's still dynamic body makes Mark's balls tingle with excitement. What will happen at Simon'e penthouse? Will Mark and Simone get back together? Will Mark finally get to satisfy his long-delayed lust? Published 17 October 2015

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Double Visions

Sometimes, being a teacher can be boring. Sometimes, it can be rewarding. And sometimes, it can be even more. When his assignment reveals the inner desires of two twin students, the professor teaches his lovely students some lessons that can't be learned in a classroom. Published 8 October 2015

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Poolboy Benefits

Published 19 September 2015

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Jim and Uncle John

What can happen when a young man more endowed with brains than manly parts takes his lush redheaded girlfriend along when he agrees to fix his dad and uncle’s computer? More than you probably imagine! After checking the computer, Joe needs to drive a distance to get parts. Marie stays with the self-proclaimed well-endowed horn dogs Jim and Uncle John. As their card game changes to strip poker, Marie soon discovers Jim and Uncle John were not bragging and have enjoyed Joe’s previous girlfriends! Sexy curvy Marie gets thoroughly double teamed and more than doubly satisfied before her boyfriend returns. Published 10 August 2015

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Nice Guys Finish Together

Published 25 July 2015

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I Let Him Into Her Quim

Published 6 July 2015

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The Nymph's Pool

Facing our past is always difficult, but facing a bitter present with more than a few sweet memories in your mind is even worse. That's exactly the situation in which we find Josh, he just finished high school and he's now about to spend holidays in the Thorntons' country home, the theatre of his childhood's sweetest memories. He used to come there at least three times a year, where he and the Thorntons' daughter Maya had all kinds of adventure. Those cheerful times lasted until he had to move to another state with his family. Since then, he just got the opportunity to come back here three years ago. But the situation was much different, Maya was not the same and he couldn't but feel excluded. This time it seems she won't be here, but things might always change! Published 17 June 2015

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My One Night Stand Week-end

Sometimes it's easier to give, than to receive. Our blue-eyed coworker throws her friends from work the ultimate office party. Then Karma returns the favor with an equally giving gentleman! When our gentleman rises to the occasion, she finds coffee is the last thing on her mind! Finding him was easy, but keeping him could prove difficult. She knows he works nights, it's a place to start. And those big blue eyes aren't her only assets. Published 18 May 2015.

I Let a Tranny Into My Cranny

A recent story. Published 1 May 2015.

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French Miss

Your wife hires a live-in babysitter to watch your young child. You are not thrilled with the idea -- until you meet her. The babysitter's name is Gabrielle, and her French accent and dynamic body instantly make your balls tingle -- at least until your wife informs you that she is a lesbian. What a boner-killer! One morning at breakfast, after your wife leaves for work, Gabrielle tells you that she is not a lesbian, but only tells the wives that story so she can get hired without being seen as a rival for their husbands. This news makes your cock twitch with desire. Gabrielle moves around the table, runs her silky fingers up your arm, and asks for your help with her school thesis. What kind of help does Gabrielle want? Will you get a chance to use her amazing body and give your cock the relief that it suddenly needs? Or is this a setup by Gabrielle and your wife to test your fidelity? Published 25 April 2015.

Up the School Nurse

Dixie Louviere was hired to conducted sex ed classes in Biddlecomb High. After a short demonstration of her teaching program, the aroused school principal, Lorne Smith, admits to being shy around women and to the fact that he'd never satisfied a woman before. The sexy red-headed Dixie takes the hint and demonstrates her teaching skills by showing the principal how to initiate sex and satisfy women. But who can he practice on? Published 20 April 2015.

A Giant and His Little Playmates

Our latest fantasy slide show. Published 28 March 2015.

Having Fun On The Subway

A young girl discovers the meaning of the Japanese word "chikan".

The Giant and The Fairy

A fairy repays a giant's kindness. Revision published 3 March 2015

The Ultimate Massage

A young man receives the ultimate massage.

Dance Rehearsal

A young couple practice their dance routine

Subway Ride

A young lady takes an interesting subway ride.

Accidentally In Paradise

A recent story. Published 11 May 2015.

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A Star Is Born--Naked

Can an actress keep her dignity and loose her clothes? Published 15 April 2015.

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Roommates or More?

Co-ed roommates deal with clothing-optional living. Published 19 February 2015.

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The Business Trip

Neighbors working and traveling together have an accidental scantily clad event on the road that stirs the latent lust between sultry Miri and hunky Bob. Meanwhile, at home over some pre-dinner glasses of wine, their spouses Mark and Becky get enthusiastic about the topless beaches in Aruba that could be theirs with Bob and Miri?s bonuses. Becky shows the delights ahead, leading to Mark feeling them and more. On the next month long road trip, Bob and Miri edge forward and finally succumb to their attraction. Published 9 February 2015.

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Photographer Faye

Faye is invited by her friend Beth and her husband Bob to take some photographs with their new camera. However, as the evening progresses and the photos start becoming more and more risque, Faye finds herself switching roles with Beth, as she ends up posing with Bob while Beth handles the camera. Will Faye be able to control her emotions? Published 9 February 2015.

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Art Class

Nick is a 55 year old man who managed to retire early and finally find the time to focus more on art, his long time passion. Making use of his newly achieved spare time he joined an art class at the university. There, together with mainly younger women, he was taught everything about the techniques of drawing and painting. In the final week of that course their teacher Julie had rented a bed and breakfast in the countryside. What follows are six days filled with the art of painting, drawing nude models and a highly erotic atmosphere. Published 18 November 2014.

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Claire's Career

Claire works at several different occupations before finding one that suits her. Published 12 February 2015.

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Holly Grows Up

You have lived next door to Holly's family for nine years. In the last several years, Holly has matured into a young woman whose body is built for sex, but it's her attitude that makes your cock yearn to have her. Today Holly asks you to come to her room to help her with a problem with her computer. In previous visits you discovered Holly's penchant for online porn. In spite of your better judgement, your cock quickly overrides your good sense and you agree to help. While running your anti-virus software, Holly stands next to you and boldly teases you with a perfect naked breast up against your cheek. In spite of yourself, your cock springs to life under your shorts. When Holly pulls your cock out and announces that she wants to suck you off until you cum in her mouth, you can't believe your ears. What will you do? Will you listen to your brain, or your cock? Will Holly lead you to paradise - or ruin?

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Theory & Practice

A happily married woman can also have a crush. Her also married co-worker, Rick is driving her crazy. One night, while she is working late, he knocks on her door. What was an innocent crush gets on fire. The dreams and the imaginations begin to fly then, mixing wishes with the reality, the theory and the practice. They both start a game of insinuation and erotism, that evolves in a secret love story, where the characters understand everything is just a dream that will inevitably end, but that needs to be dreamed.

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The Trophy Wife

Amy is the young and sexy wife of Jamie's friend Dan. Amy enjoys flirting with Jamie, and Ellie, Jamie's wife doesn't seem to worry about it. One hot summer night, Jamie finds Amy swimming in his pool with a sexy swimsuit and all the teasing thing gets hotter. Next night Amy appears again with a tiny bikini and very hot intentions. Will the flirting with Jamie go to the next level? And will Amy be ok with this new situation?

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School Photos

Brother and sister Timmy and Kali live with their parents. 18 year old Kali is about to graduate from high school, and wants her college-age brother the aspiring photographer to take her graduation photos. After agreeing to take Kali's photos, Kali tries to talk Timmy into also shooting photos of her friends Jen and Susie. Since Jen and Susie are both gorgeous, Timmy quickly agrees. But the girls don't like the first shots of graduation photos, and want Timmy to take them again with them in less formal clothing. Gradually the girls get more comfortable with Timmy, and ask him to take more risque' photos of them. How daring will the girls get as they pose for Timmy's camera? How will Timmy react to their provocative posing? Do Jen or Susie harbor any secret feelings for Timmy? Does Timmy have feelings for Jen or Susie? What other surprises might be in store?

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Dr. Dick

It's Ok. Really. It's all in the name of science.

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Sis-in-law Incentives

Some people just don't like to work out. For them, sometimes a little extra push is needed to get them going. Alex needs to lose some weight, and his sister-in-law Jenny needs to find work as a personal trainer. Jenny offers Alex some bonuses to get him going. And sometimes, the reward is worth far more than the work.

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Bad Luck

High School Seniors Ben and Geri are powerfully attracted to each other. Fittingly, they met in their first-period Chemistry class. For weeks they have been playfully teasing each other: first with a glance, then with a gesture, finally with subtle touches and verbal double entendres that would make an erotic novelist blush. Their mutual passion has grown into a volcano about to erupt. Today is the day. During their lunch hour they find an empty classroom in which to consummate their lingering lust. But will they get lucky? Or will they be denied the release that their bodies have craved for so long? Revised and published 5 March 2015.

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Halloween Strip

Matthew and his sister Tonya live in a small Texas town near Dallas with their parents. Matthew's friend Jessy invites him to a costume Halloween party at Jessy's home. Matthew is excited to go dressed in his Grim Reaper's costume. Tonya plans to go to a separate costume party at the home of her friend Amelia. The early party goes well for Matthew, who makes out with girls dressed as a zombie, a soldier, and an angel - but with everyone masked, who are they? Later, Jessy asks Matthew to invite a select few to stay for the after-party while Jessy gets rid of the other guests. Matthew invites girls dressed like an Amazon, a hooker, and a construction worker to stay. Next, Jessy explains that they will play a stripping card game where people that are dealt low cards would lose articles of clothing until they were naked, but masks would always remain on. Once naked, 'favors' could be assigned by people with the high card to be performed by the person with the low card. What sexual acts will they be performing with each other in the group? Once the group sex play is over, what will happen next? Who will have sex with whom? Will the guests find out who they are with?

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Mary XXXmas

This is a cute little story about an office assistant Mary, the boss and three other employees. The story starts with Mary standing on a chair, falling and the boss coming to the rescue. Mary makes some spiked egg nog and they all start drinking. Helga is not from the USA so they explain to her the custom of kissing while under mistletoe. And the party starts with Mary and Helga kissing the boss, Ron and Paul. The boss rubs Mary’s feet. Ron cuddles with Helga and Paul becomes a servant to both Mary and Helga. Mary turns out to be a virgin and everyone helps her change that.

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The New Swimsuit

Kari, honeymooning in Hawaii, is afraid her husband is disappointed by her small breasts. He says he loves them. She can find out what he really thinks, if only she has the nerve.

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Summer Condo

You love your wife, Joan, but her girlfriend Carol has a body built for sex. On prior vacations, you've listened to the next bedroom while Carol loudly made love to her husband Roger. Your cock gets hard just at the memory of hearing Carol's loud passion. Now you're on vacation in a rental condo with only Joan and Carol, because Roger couldn't make the trip. The conversation turns to a course that Carol took in sensual massage, and you're the guinea pig to show what she learned. While Carol massages you, the girls' conversation becomes increasingly sexually graphic. Your cock is growing until it aches, but what to do? Do you let Joan know that you're dying to fuck her friend? Do you let Carol know that you're dying to fuck her, and eat her pussy since Roger won't do that for her? Will the situation turn into a nightmare? Or a dream? Published 22 February 2015

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While Steven's Asleep

Randi has been inseparable best friends with Anna, Britt and Calista since childhood. They stayed together through their school years and after graduating from college are now roommates. The four friends have just returned their apartment after a night of bar-hopping and drinking to celebrate the birthday of Randi's boyfriend, Steven. Unfortunately, Steven fell asleep during their love-making before he joined Randi in orgasm. Despite Randi's disappointment, she decides to offer up Steven's still rock-hard cock to her girlfriends. Which of Randi's friends will accept her offer and take advantage of Steven while he sleeps? What will they do with Steven? Will Steven wake up? Will Randi regret offering Steven to her friends?

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The Interview

A model agent interviews some college girls.

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A Day At School

A short, but multipath story about sexual education in a private school. The coach and the nurse take the education in their caring hands, literally. Things get rather close and physical during the lecture. It's the sexual education you always dreamed of, but never had. You can choose to have a coed education or separate for boys and girls, and choose the educator himself/herself also. Choose wisely though, there may be more at stake than just the sheer knowledge of human anatomy and sexual intercourse.

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The Beach House

Dee and Dan are excited to be taking their first two week vacation at an oceanfront beach house. During their first night, they spontaneously make love outside on their front porch. Dan notices that in the distance someone appears to be watching their lovemaking, and his cock explodes at the thought of a voyeur watching Dee's beautiful naked body. Dee offers to let Dan be the voyeur the next night while she puts on a show for him. The next afternoon Dan walks into the dunes with his camera, to shoot pictures of Dee while she puts on an exhibitionist strip show for him. Her show is so erotic that Dan and Dee each masturbate themselves to orgasm outside in broad daylight. Unbeknownst to either of them, the voyeur from the night before watches their erotic show. On the third morning Dan goes for a walk on the beach. Dee finds a box with a note asking her to put on another outdoor masturbation show, with the champagne and dildo from the box. She of course assumes that the note was from Dan, but actually it was from the mysterious voyeur. Dee's newly-found exhibitionist streak causes her to go along with the note's suggestion without hesitation, but she doesn't know that this time the voyeur is the person taking pictures of her from the nearby dunes. Now that the unknown voyeur has managed to insert himself into Dee and Dan's sex life, how daring will he be? What will he try to get Dee to do? Will Dan or Dee find out what he is doing? How will they react if they do? Either way, their vacation at the Beach House will be one that will always remember.

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The Proper Rules For Strip Poker

Have you ever played strip poker? Do you now the proper rules? No? Well, let's say that when you are naked the game is not finished. In fact, this is when the real game starts. Join Jayne, her boyfriend and her sister Kathy in a night that they will never forget. Discover how far the girls go in that exciting strip poker game. And, after that unforgettable night, others join for an even wilder game.

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Island Castaways

A trip to an island resort is cut short.

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A Little Help From My Little Sister

Jenny's introduction to sex via a porno movie leaves her with fear and repulsion. Her first time having sex with her boyfriend, Brian is not exactly ideal, which only strengthens her view of actual intercourse being the worst thing in the world. Her little sister, Alison thinks differently of the subject and is eager to do it for her first time (and for many more times after). This leads to an unusual agreement between the the siblings and the boyfriend. Though it seems Brian got more than he asked for, as he might be in need for help satisfying the hot little vixen and her sister, who seems to be getting more comfortable with sex after a while.

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A Chance To Advance

Childhood sweethearts marry and after college the husband gets his dream job. He is soon offered a big promotion and a huge increase in salary. But there is a catch. His beautiful young wife must get involved.

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The Twelve Nights of Xmas

The greatest Xmas gift ever.

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Road Trip

Breaking up the boredom of a cross-country drive

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The Accidental Nudist Cabin

Three couples head out for a weekend at a cabin on the lake. Through circumstances beyond their control, it becomes a nudist weekend. Close friends get MUCH closer, as they spend their days and nights naked with each other. Man will be teased and boundaries will be pushed and crossed. Is there any limit to how close they'll get? Will their friendship survive the outcome or will jealousy get the better of them ? Nothing will ever be the same.

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A Day In The Caribbean

Anne dreams about her upcoming vacation. Her dream takes place at a resort located on a clothing optional beach in the Caribbean. She has a personal butler assigned who is physically deformed. While walking on the beach they find an injured elf.

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A Little Prompting

Freddie has developed computer software that assists actors in learning and living their lines.

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Truth or Dare

Four young adults are sitting around a pool playing Truth or Dare. Two of the players are sexually active while the other two are naive virgins. They go in turn around the table with you, the reader, deciding whether they have to tell a truth or take a dare.

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A Very Private Club

Danny Baker is a successful businessman. He has been working hard and is in dire need of a vacation to clear his mind. The resort he has booked is a luxury ocean retreat, and turns out to be not just a nudist resort, but a clothing prohibited resort. On Danny's first day at the resort, his beautiful hostess Danica introduces him to three sisters - Angie, Becky and Carrie. The resort has many activities to keep their guests entertained, including surfing, beach volleyball and shooting pool. Which activity should Danny choose in order to best get to know the sisters? Charlie is another guest of the resort. Danica's mother Ellen joins the guests, along with Eugene, the father of the three sisters. Erica, Billy and Johnnie are in the band that play the evening dances. Will they get lucky with the guests? Who will sleep with who? (Note to readers: This game has multiple paths to follow. See if you can find them all.)

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A Different Kind of Order

The story takes place in a small, religious school. Our four main characters are Father Augustus, the Headmaster; Brenda, his secretary (freshly back from her two weeks vacation); Mother Superior and last, but definitely not least Sister Danielle, a novice nun two weeks away from taking her vows. Learn about the relationship between the Headmaster and his secretary and the one between the Headmaster and Mother Superior. Shape the outcome of Sister Danielle's training and future, learn about her secrets and even spy on some of the students and staff of the school. All in a highly erotic atmosphere. In the story at several points you have the option to choose from multiple choices making it a non linear story with different endings (actually two endings, but multiple path leading to those endings.)

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Tennis Anyone

A multiple part story taking place in a very strict, religious school. There is one sentence you don't want to hear as a student: "Report to the Headmistress' office!" Strangely, it is a very common sentence to be heard. Some girls even take great pleasure getting spanked. And after a hard spanking there's nothing more refreshing than a cold shower. Of course, the boys locker room is a perfect place for that.The school has lots of 'fun' places for the adventurous to explore. Like the dungeons with it's strange contraptions. Or the pool, which holds dear memories for not just the young ones, but for some of the older generation as well. And of course, the tennis court, where after some body work, you can work the body of others. Peek in the lives and secrets of students and teachers. Some will experience life changing events, some will try new and different possibilities. But one thing is for sure, they will find pleasure in it. Lots of pleasure. (Contains quite a lot of animations)

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Stiff Competition

Members of the women's and men's gymnastics team of a small private school get a rare chance to take their competitive juices on a road trip. Coach Emily and Coach Fred are dedicated to making their teams winners in the gym. Will the team members have any free time for extra-curricular activities? Chris and Ashley are attracted to each other, but Chris is embarrassed about his inexperience and Ashley is a virgin - can they learn enough to satisfy each other? Andy and Brooke are anxious to make love. Brooke has never been with a boy and wants to give her virginity to Andy, but doesn't know if she can handle Andy's large cock. Dani gets horny from watching TV porn with her roommate Chelsea. Can she wait to get relief from Ben and David? Will Emily and Fred be able to curtail the team's bedroom desires? Or will they be too busy satisfying their own urges to monitor their teams? Will their road trip be as successful in the hotel as in the gym? (Note to readers: This story makes excellent use of animations).

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Secrets Of Our Old House

After catching her daughter, Becky snogging with a boy on the bed Allison decides to bring her to supervise the renovation of their country house. While cleaning, Becky and Danny, the foreman find a secret passage which leads around the house and has several one-way mirrors attached to the rooms in the house. This discovery leads them to witness some interesting things and they get to know each other better. Meanwhile Allison and Danny's dad get closer as well. But the road to happiness has it's bumps and twists.

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The Doctor Is In

The doctor is treating a young girl for a very rare ailment. The treatment may be worse than the ailment for the young naive girl. Revised and published 8 March 2015.

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A Day At The Pool

Caitlin and Dani Ford are sisters being home schooled at the Ford estate. Caitlin invites three friends, Elizabeth, Farley and Gary, over for a swim in her pool. Caitlin and Farley team up as does Dani and Gary. Elizabeth goes exploring and finds the butler and the nanny. They give her some pointers on what boys like.

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A Day In The Park

Carie and Danny are walking in a park on their way to the lake to find Allison and Ben, Danny's older brother. Danny sees them up ahead sitting on a park bench kissing. Carie and Danny hide and watch. Carie doesn't have her glasses so Danny describes in detail the actions of Allison and Ben. In some cases Carie and Danny practice the actions of Allison and Ben.

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