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A Star Is Born--Naked

Our latest story. Updated 31 March 2015.

A Giant and His Little Playmates

Our latest fantasy slide show. Published 28 March 2015.

Roommates or More?

Published 19 February 2015.

The Business Trip

Published 9 February 2015.

Photographer Faye

Published 9 February 2015.

Art Class

Published 18 November 2014.

Claire's Career

Claire works at several different occupations before finding one that suits her. Published 12 February 2015.

Subway Ride

A young lady takes an interesting subway ride.

Holly Grows Up

What to do when the girl next door is all grown up and looking for fun? How do you say no? I couldn't.

Theory & Practice

A happily married woman can also have a crush. Her also married co-worker, Rick is driving her crazy. One night, while she is working late, he knocks on her door. What was an innocent crush gets on fire. The dreams and the imaginations begin to fly then, mixing wishes with the reality, the theory and the practice. They both start a game of insinuation and erotism, that evolves in a secret love story, where the characters understand everything is just a dream that will inevitably end, but that needs to be dreamed.

The Trophy Wife

Amy is the young and sexy wife of Jamie's friend Dan. Amy enjoys flirting with Jamie, and Ellie, Jamie's wife doesn't seem to worry about it. One hot summer night, Jamie finds Amy swimming in his pool with a sexy swimsuit and all the teasing thing gets hotter. Next night Amy appears again with a tiny bikini and very hot intentions. Will the flirting with Jamie go to the next level? And will Amy be ok with this new situation?

School Photos

Brother and sister Timmy and Kali live with their parents. 18 year old Kali is about to graduate from high school, and wants her college-age brother the aspiring photographer to take her graduation photos. After agreeing to take Kali's photos, Kali tries to talk Timmy into also shooting photos of her friends Jen and Susie. Since Jen and Susie are both gorgeous, Timmy quickly agrees. But the girls don't like the first shots of graduation photos, and want Timmy to take them again with them in less formal clothing. Gradually the girls get more comfortable with Timmy, and ask him to take more risque' photos of them. How daring will the girls get as they pose for Timmy's camera? How will Timmy react to their provocative posing? Do Jen or Susie harbor any secret feelings for Timmy? Does Timmy have feelings for Jen or Susie? What other surprises might be in store?

The Giant and The Fairy

A fairy repays a giant's kindness. Revision published 3 March 2015

Dr. Dick

It's Ok. Really. It's all in the name of science.

Dance Rehearsal

A young couple practice their dance routine

Sis-in-law Incentives

Jenny and Alex find ways to incentivize each other.

Bad Luck

High School Seniors Ben and Geri are powerfully attracted to each other. Fittingly, they met in their first-period Chemistry class. For weeks they have been playfully teasing each other: first with a glance, then with a gesture, finally with subtle touches and verbal double entendres that would make an erotic novelist blush. Their mutual passion has grown into a volcano about to erupt. Today is the day. During their lunch hour they find an empty classroom in which to consummate their lingering lust. But will they get lucky? Or will they be denied the release that their bodies have craved for so long? Revised and published 5 March 2015.

Having Fun On The Subway

A young girl discovers the meaning of the Japanese word "chikan".

The Ultimate Massage

A young man receives the ultimate massage.

Halloween Strip

Matthew and his sister Tonya live in a small Texas town near Dallas with their parents. Matthew's friend Jessy invites him to a costume Halloween party at Jessy's home. Matthew is excited to go dressed in his Grim Reaper's costume. Tonya plans to go to a separate costume party at the home of her friend Amelia. The early party goes well for Matthew, who makes out with girls dressed as a zombie, a soldier, and an angel - but with everyone masked, who are they? Later, Jessy asks Matthew to invite a select few to stay for the after-party while Jessy gets rid of the other guests. Matthew invites girls dressed like an Amazon, a hooker, and a construction worker to stay. Next, Jessy explains that they will play a stripping card game where people that are dealt low cards would lose articles of clothing until they were naked, but masks would always remain on. Once naked, 'favors' could be assigned by people with the high card to be performed by the person with the low card. What sexual acts will they be performing with each other in the group? Once the group sex play is over, what will happen next? Who will have sex with whom? Will the guests find out who they are with?

Mary XXXmas

This is a cute little story about an office assistant Mary, the boss and three other employees. The story starts with Mary standing on a chair, falling and the boss coming to the rescue. Mary makes some spiked egg nog and they all start drinking. Helga is not from the USA so they explain to her the custom of kissing while under mistletoe. And the party starts with Mary and Helga kissing the boss, Ron and Paul. The boss rubs Mary’s feet. Ron cuddles with Helga and Paul becomes a servant to both Mary and Helga. Mary turns out to be a virgin and everyone helps her change that.

The New Swimsuit

Kari, honeymooning in Hawaii, is afraid her husband is disappointed by her small breasts. He says he loves them. She can find out what he really thinks, if only she has the nerve... 

Summer Condo

Friends get together for their annual vacation. Published 22 February 2015

While Steven's Asleep

Randi has been inseparable best friends with Anna, Britt and Calista since childhood. They stayed together through their school years and after graduating from college are now roommates. The four friends have just returned their apartment after a night of bar-hopping and drinking to celebrate the birthday of Randi's boyfriend, Steven.  Unfortunately, Steven fell asleep during their love-making before he joined Randi in orgasm.  Despite Randi's disappointment, she decides to offer up Steven's still rock-hard cock to her girlfriends.  Which of Randi's friends will accept her offer and take advantage of Steven while he sleeps?  What will they do with Steven?  Will Steven wake up?  Will Randi regret offering Steven to her friends?

The Interview

A model agent interviews some college girls.

A Day At School

A short, but multipath story about sexual education in a private school. The coach and the nurse take the education in their caring hands, literally. Things get rather close and physical during the lecture. It's the sexual education you always dreamed of, but never had. You can choose to have a coed education or separate for boys and girls, and choose the educator himself/herself also. Choose wisely though, there may be more at stake than just the sheer knowledge of human anatomy and sexual intercourse.

The Beach House

A young couple find making love outside is very exciting.

The Proper Rules For Strip Poker

A young man, his girlfriend and her sister play strip poker according to the proper rules.

Island Castaways

A trip to an island resort is cut short.

A Little Help From My Little Sister

Jenny's introduction to sex via a porno movie leaves her with fear and repulsion. Her first time having sex with her boyfriend, Brian is not exactly ideal, which only strengthens her view of actual intercourse being the worst thing in the world. Her little sister, Alison thinks differently of the subject and is eager to do it for her first time (and for many more times after). This leads to an unusual agreement between the the siblings and the boyfriend. Though it seems Brian got more than he asked for, as he might be in need for help satisfying the hot little vixen and her sister, who seems to be getting more comfortable with sex after a while.

A Chance To Advance

Childhood sweethearts marry and after college the husband gets his dream job. He is soon offered a big promotion and a huge increase in salary. But there is a catch. His beautiful young wife must get involved.

The Twelve Nights of Xmas

The greatest Xmas gift ever.

Road Trip

Breaking up the boredom of a cross-country drive

The Accidental Nudist Cabin

Three couples head out for a weekend at a cabin on the lake. Through circumstances beyond their control, it becomes a nudist weekend. Close friends get MUCH closer, as they spend their days and nights naked with each other. Man will be teased and boundaries will be pushed and crossed. Is there any limit to how close they'll get? Will their friendship survive the outcome or will jealousy get the better of them ? Nothing will ever be the same.

A Day In The Caribbean

Anne dreams about her upcoming vacation. Her dream takes place at a resort located on a clothing optional beach in the Caribbean. She has a personal butler assigned who is physically deformed. While walking on the beach they find an injured elf......

A Little Prompting

Freddie has developed computer software that assists actors in learning and living their lines.

Truth or Dare

Four young adults are sitting around a pool playing Truth or Dare. Two of the players are sexually active while the other two are naive virgins. They go in turn around the table with you, the reader, deciding whether they have to tell a truth or take a dare.

A Very Private Club

Danny Baker is a successful businessman. He has been working hard and is in dire need of a vacation to clear his mind. The resort he has booked is a luxury ocean retreat, and turns out to be not just a nudist resort, but a clothing prohibited resort. On Danny's first day at the resort, his beautiful hostess Danica introduces him to three sisters - Angie, Becky and Carrie. The resort has many activities to keep their guests entertained, including surfing, beach volleyball and shooting pool. Which activity should Danny choose in order to best get to know the sisters? Charlie is another guest of the resort. Danica's mother Ellen joins the guests, along with Eugene, the father of the three sisters. Erica, Billy and Johnnie are in the band that play the evening dances. Will they get lucky with the guests? Who will sleep with who? (Note to readers: This game has multiple paths to follow. See if you can find them all.)

A Different Kind of Order

The story takes place in a small, religious school. Our four main characters are Father Augustus, the Headmaster; Brenda, his secretary (freshly back from her two weeks vacation); Mother Superior and last, but definitely not least Sister Danielle, a novice nun two weeks away from taking her vows. Learn about the relationship between the Headmaster and his secretary and the one between the Headmaster and Mother Superior. Shape the outcome of Sister Danielle's training and future, learn about her secrets and even spy on some of the students and staff of the school. All in a highly erotic atmosphere. In the story at several points you have the option to choose from multiple choices making it a non linear story with different endings (actually two endings, but multiple path leading to those endings).

Tennis Anyone

A multiple part story taking place in a very strict, religious school. There is one sentence you don't want to hear as a student: "Report to the Headmistress' office!" Strangely, it is a very common sentence to be heard. Some girls even take great pleasure getting spanked. And after a hard spanking there's nothing more refreshing than a cold shower. Of course, the boys locker room is a perfect place for that.The school has lots of 'fun' places for the adventurous to explore. Like the dungeons with it's strange contraptions. Or the pool, which holds dear memories for not just the young ones, but for some of the older generation as well. And of course, the tennis court, where after some body work, you can work the body of others. Peek in the lives and secrets of students and teachers. Some will experience life changing events, some will try new and different possibilities. But one thing is for sure, they will find pleasure in it. Lots of pleasure. (Contains quite a lot of animations)

Stiff Competition

Members of the women's and men's gymnastics team of a small private school get a rare chance to take their competitive juices on a road trip.  Coach Emily and Coach Fred are dedicated to making their teams winners in the gym.  Will the team members have any free time for extra-curricular activities?  Chris and Ashley are attracted to each other, but Chris is embarrassed about his inexperience and Ashley is a virgin - can they learn enough to satisfy each other?  Andy and Brooke are anxious to make love.  Brooke has never been with a boy and wants to give her virginity to Andy, but doesn't know if she can handle Andy's large cock.    Dani gets horny from watching TV porn with her roommate Chelsea.  Can she wait to get relief from Ben and David?  Will Emily and Fred be able to curtail the team's bedroom desires?  Or will they too busy satisfying their own urges to monitor their teams?  Will their road trip be as successful in the hotel as in the gym?  (Note to readers:  This story makes excellent use of animations).

Secrets Of Our Old House

After catching her daughter, Becky snogging with a boy on the bed Allison decides to bring her to supervise the renovation of their country house. While cleaning, Becky and Danny, the foreman find a secret passage which leads around the house and has several one-way mirrors attached to the rooms in the house. This discovery leads them to witness some interesting things and they get to know each other better. Meanwhile Allison and Danny's dad get closer as well. But the road to happiness has it's bumps and twists.

The Doctor Is In

The doctor is treating a young girl for a very rare ailment. The treatment may be worse than the ailment for the young naive girl. Revised and published 8 March 2015.

Party Time

The Pirates of Sigma Epsilon Xi fraternity invite the Tau Iota Tau sorority sisters to a costume party at the Sigma Epsilon Xi house.


Albert is the son of a wealthy businessman and lives in a nice home of 16 rooms. They have a cook, butler and a rather plain maid. At a yard sale, Albert buys an old box containing a stack of CD's. After returning home he finds one of them has an interesting computer program on it. It enables him to change a person's moods and features. He improves the maid's breasts but does he get her thanks?

A Day At The Pool

Caitlin and Dani Ford are sisters being home schooled at the Ford estate. Caitlin invites three friends, Elizabeth, Farley and Gary, over for a swim in her pool. Caitlin and Farley team up as does Dani and Gary. Elizabeth goes exploring and finds the butler and the nanny. They give her some pointers on what boys like....

A Day In The Park

Carie and Danny are walking in a park on their way to the lake to find Allison and Ben, Danny's older brother. Danny sees them up ahead sitting on a park bench kissing. Carie and Danny hide and watch. Carie doesn't have her glasses so Danny describes in detail the actions of Allison and Ben. In some cases Carie and Danny practice the actions of Allison and Ben......